Sasha is what you would expect from a normal sentient entity: 72% water, full skeletal structure, nervous system, muscle tissue, right brain dominant, right handed, etc. On a molecular level she, like all of us, is made out of stardust, and she is perfectly aware of that and considers that one of her strengths. She has a 9+ speed gear box and runs on pure passion for the arts and human expression. Her natural habitats are predominantly in the metropolis areas of New York City, Odessa, and Paris with flips to the extreme natural environments in the bush of South Africa. Sasha defines herself as an actor and devotes most of her waking hours to perfecting her craft. As some wise guy from Stratford-On-Avon whose parents were named John and Mary said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players!” And so Sasha believes and hopes and dreams. 

In addition, with all the vast open spaces of New York City that are at her disposal to play outdoor sports she resorts to billiards, gym and yoga with occasional tennis matches, which she likes to win regardless of the strength of her opponents! Whatever curve balls she may encounter in her life find their way on her canvas or in her writing along with joy of existence in this beautiful universe.


Sasha was born and raised by a single mother in Odessa, Ukraine where she spent her early years of schooling. At an early age she began to volunteer at the orphanages of her hometown as an interpreter for an NGO that works with orphaned kids to provide them humanitarian aid and opportunities to have a healthy life, with which she is active to this day. 

Sasha has always had a vision of moving to the US to pursue her passion for acting, but also understood that coming from an economically struggling background there was a need to ground herself by having an additional skill that would allow her the comfort and peace of mind that anyone can relate to. 

At age 16 Sasha moved to the US to attend University and subsequently graduated with a degree in Marketing and Finance from Fordham. While at Fordham, she also completed a Bachelor of Laws degree in Jurisprudence by correspondence from the Odessa National Mechnikov University. 

As she pursued her business and law degrees Sasha steadily reclaimed her life long passion through taking electives in theatre whenever possible. Upon graduation she has been continually studying acting at HB Studio, with Bruce Ornstein and Susan Batson in New York while working in marketing and finance, and after leaving the corporate world to focus solely on acting. Her first feature role followed in David Bezmozgis’s Natasha. Her portrayal of Natasha won her the Canadian Screen Awards Nomination for the best actress in the leading role. The film later premiered in New York at the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and was critically acclaimed by The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Variety and other major publications. 

Subsequently she’s appeared in a number of roles in theatre and off Broadway, in addition to other feature and short films and music videos.

Currently she is working on a screenplay about the war and social divisions in her native Ukraine.