Gender: Female

Height: 5 feet 4 in

Weight: 107 lbs

Age Range: 16 - 35

Physique: Slim

Hair Color: Blond(e)

Hair Length: Shoulder Length

Eyes: Blue

Ethnicity: Caucasian


Axe Spec Commercial, Trinn Thrinnanon


Terezin, Violet, Nicholas Tolkien

Repercussions, WedRepCo

The Judah Encounter, Jennie, Elizabeth Claflin

Eurydice directed by Inés Braun

A Gathering of Unusual Proportions,  WedRepCo

Meet Prey Love, WedRep Co


English, Russian, Ukrainian


Accents: Russian, Southern, California, New York 

Dancing: Tap (Beginner) 

Sports: Tennis, Soccer, Yoga, Volleyball, Billiards, Poker

Other: Screen and Play Writing, Painting, Public Speaking, Harmonica Playing, Interpreting/Translating, Modeling



Movie      | Role        | Director

Ego | Amanda and Stella | Si Ping Lim

The Invisible Hand | Nameless | Matthew Taylor

Unique New York | Adelaide | Sasha K. Gordon

Natasha  | Natasha | David Bezmozgis

Lover's Game | Olivia  |  Danielle Earle

After the Long Beat | Eva | Naoto Mitake

The Knights of Shame | Destiny | Steve Avalon

Training & Degrees

Bruce Ornstein Acting Workshop

HB Studio

The Juilliard School 

Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Finance, Fordham University

Bachelor of Laws in Jurisprudence, Mechnikov Odessa National University